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At RakPlan Sjöblom Planeringsbyrå we plan and draw are buildings according to your wishes. 


We make our drawings in either the 2-dimensional program AutoCad, or in the 3D-model based program Autodesk Revit. Based on the 3D-model we then make all the drawing documents that the municipality needs. We go through great lengths to produce qualitative drawings and top design. Which program we use can be discussed at order time. All of our drawings are sent as pdf:s by e-mail.


RakPlan Sjöblom Suunnittelutoimisto is obviously responsible for our own drawings within our field. You as a client are obligated, according to the legislation on land use and building, to arrange a chief planner as well as a responsible supervisor. These tasks can be handled buy the same person if this is found suited for the task. This person, or these persons, will have to be accepted by the municipality.


Be in contact and we will found a solution that suits you.


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